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SUMMIT: A Community of Online Strength Training

Kinected StrengthJanuary 12, 2024

Feel better, move better, and kickstart your 2024 with a structured exercise plan.

SUMMIT is an online training plan created by the Kinesiologists of Kinected Strength. It has been meticulously designed for people who want to build strength, improve performance, increase durability and learn proper technique.

It consists of 3 total body workouts per week; two functional strength days and one conditioning day. Each workout includes mobility, functional strength exercises, plyometric and power drills as well as core stabilization. Using the Truecoach app, we can provide video tutorials for each exercise to guarantee the same level of coaching that you would receive in person. Truecoach also allows for you to track and record your progress for each exercise so you can see improvements! The program gives options for exercises for you to choose the best movement for your body and available equipment.

No matter your goal, having a plan is essential to achieving results.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or run your first 5km, having a plan is essential to achieving your fitness goals. A structured plan is like a map, it will help you stay consistent, avoid over training and progressively build strength over time. SUMMIT is periodized into 6 week cycles to allow your body to adapt to the exercises. Within the 6 weeks, you will see 3 levels: Basecamp, The Grind and The Peak.

Online group training is the perfect complement to your in-person training, or an excellent solution for those struggling with accountability, consistency, or battling overuse injuries.

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