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Strength Training

High quality strength training. Inclusive to all.

Training is not about finding the best "workout". Training is a deliberate practice with concrete goals and outcomes. We will give you the tools to train for your goals in a smart, fun, and sustainable way. We will support you as we fuel your passion for good movement through education and guided strength training, and help you navigate the path to your health and training goals.


Personal Training

Personal training with a kinesiologist is a supportive experience offered in-person in North Vancouver. This is the right choice for you if you have strength and fitness goals, are recovering from acute or chronic injury, or love the extra touch of personalized accountability.

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ICBC Active Rehabilitation

ICBC Active rehabilitation with a kinesiologist supports individuals suffering from injury or chronic pain due to a motor vehicle accident. We assess and design an exercise program to guide and reintroduce safe functional movement. We work closely with other practitioners on your care team to offer appropriate progressions, modifications and goals for your rehab. Direct billing through ICBC is available.

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Physio-Led Active Rehabilitation

Kinected Strength has partnered with The Balanced Collective to provide physio-led active rehab. Begin with a high level assessment from a TBC physio then carry out your treatment plan in the gym with your Kinesiologist under the Physiotherapist's direct supervision.

Andrea swinging a kettlebell

Online Training

Flexible options available via telehealth for private training or active rehabilitation. This is a great option for those who don’t live in North Vancouver. Remote program design and coaching available through Truecoach. This is ideal for those looking to add expert progressive programming to their independent training.

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We value education and provide specific and individualized programming. We believe there should always be 'why' behind each exercise. By tailoring your program specifically to you we will streamline your results and support continued growth.

Even if you're a beginner to strength training, you're not on this journey alone; join our community of strong and confident members!


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